d18.jpgThis department consists of 4 individual section headed by most efficient and experienced successful professional. 1. Woven Section
2. Denim Section
3. Knit Section
4. Sweater Section
5. Quality Control Section

Woven Section:

This section deals with all shorts of woven items. Mainly shirts, blouse, trousers, jacket, track suit, skirts etc.

Denim Section:

We are much more flexible with Denim item. All kinds of men’s/ladies long pants, skirts, jacket with enzyme wash with print/embroidery are our regular works.

Sweater Section:

This is most busy section doing all shorts of Sweater and cardigan for ladies/men’s, boys/girls and children. We are doing 100% Cotton, 100% Acrylic, 100% Acrylic Cashmere Like, 100% Mohair Like (brush Acrylic), 50/50 Acrylic/Cotton, 50/50 Acrylic/Wool, 70/30 Acrylic/Wool, 100% Acrylic Cotton Like and with other mixed yarn with all kinds of enzyme wash, stone wash, print and embroidery in 3gg /5gg 7gg/12gg

Knit Section:

Knit section deals with all shorts of Tee shirt and polo shirt of 100% Cotton, Cotton/Spandex.

Quality Control Section:

Our professional Q.C. team dedicated to meet the requirements of our valued customer through excellent quality & on time delivery. Our in-line AQL 2.50 & final AQL is 1.50.
Our strong souring of yarn & raw materials makes the price competitive in the fierce global competition.